Gold Custom Year Necklace Necklace Birthday Gift

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  • Rose Gold Custom Name Necklace Birthday Gift
  • Necklace Wedding Anniversary Gift
  • Necklace mothers day gift
  • Necklace valentines day gift
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Gold Custom Year Necklace Necklace Birthday Gift

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❀ Perfect gift for any special day, give meaning with our personalized custom name necklace just for you and the ones you love.
❀ Key Features
- Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
- Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
- Chain Length: 18”
- A unique personalized wedding gift, valentine’s day gift, birthday gift, baby shower gift, mother’s day gift, or in honor of any other special occasion.
Shipping rates
Shipping to Sizes/Type First Item, $ Additional item, $
United States All 5 4
United States Virgin Islands All 5 4
Canada All 19 6
International All 28 8
❀ Estimated delivery July 28 - August 04
❀ Average Est. Shipping Time 7-10 business days
❀ Ready to dispatch in 1-3 business days
❀ From Vietnam

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